So who was Dinny Sullivan

Dennis J. Sullivan was born in 1873 at Schull, Co. Cork, Ireland; and immigrated to Auburn with his parents, Jeremiah and Margaret Sullivan. The family lived on first street in New Auburn, and like many Irishmen of his time, Dinny worked in the Lewiston bleachery and on the railroad.

But like today's African immigrants, Dinny inspired to more. In 1919 he purchased this lot, and with his wife, Nellie, operated a small neighborhood grocery store. Immigrants themselves, the apartment at the rear of the store often served as home for recent Irish immigrants, as they became oriented to American Life and made their starts.

Salute to Dinny Sullivan- Hat's off to Neighborhood Businesses day is dedicated too the unselfish hospitality of Dinny and Nellie Sullivan, and their humble contribution to construction of this city in America; an example for all generations to emulate.